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アクションゲーム・Actions game!




先生がアクションを言って、生徒たちがそのアクションをしながら教師の場所までレースします。例えば、教師が「Jump!」といった場合は、生徒たちがジャンプしながら教師のところまでレースして、ゴールポイントに到達したら、『I can jump!』と言いました。上手に言えたら、星をもらえました。最後に、生徒たちは、チームが集めた星を数えました。みんなとても上手にできましたので、星をいっぱい数えましたね!



Kids have a lot of energy that they like to use running, playing hide & seek, doing cartwheels… Since they enjoy these physical activities so much, we teach young students different action words that they can use while playing. Learning how to say ‘jump’, ‘crawl’, ‘sit’, ‘stand’, ‘flutter’, ‘march’, and so on is helpful to get the students involved in many of the activities we do. This month’s outdoor activity, called ‘Action Game’, focused on the actions we had taught students in the past month.

First, Martina sensei and Jane sensei used action cards and reviewed the words with the students. Each class was divided in two teams, with two students racing each other at every turn. When the teacher said an action, the two students raced to the teacher’s place while doing the action. For example, if the teacher said ‘Jump!‘ the students jumped to the goal line, and then said “I CAN JUMP!” To receive a star. At the end, the students counted how many stars their team had collected. Everyone played so well that we had many starts to count!

To end the activity, we also played the “PLEASE…” game! It was the first time for students to play this tricky game, in which the teacher asks the student to do an action, but the students are supposed to do it only if the teacher says “Please” at the beginning of the sentence. If they make a mistake, then they sit down, and only the two last standing students win the game.

It was a hot and sunny day and we had a lot of fun! We are all looking forward to next month’s outdoor activity day!





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