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ハロウィーンパーティー・Halloween Party 2017


自分の創造性とインスピレーションを使って、生徒たちの皆は手作りのトリック オア トリート バッグに絵を描いたり色を塗ったりして、おいしいお菓子でいっぱいになる印象的な受け手を作成しました。

「魔女!黒猫!ジャック・オ・ランタン!」ビンゴゲームで先生たちがハロウィンの絵を見せながら、みんなは爆笑!優勝者には、モンスター アート クラフトやおいしいキャンディーのバッグなどを獲得しました。



のうち師も生徒たちも歌うことが大好きなので、11 月に習ったすべての歌を歌って、ダンスをして休憩を取りました。なんて愉快な音楽の間奏曲でした!

最後に、学生と教育者が最も愛されているキャラクターの衣装を着るコスチューム コンテストを開催しました。レイニー先生はフィオナ、アミ先生はブルマ、ヤシュパル先生はミニオン、アクセル先生は孫悟空の変装しました。自分たちで作った衣装で、ちおりちゃんとひかりちゃんは一緒に2位の共同優勝者でした。その日のチャンピオンでは海賊のハヤト君でした!イベント中にすべての子供たちが丁寧に彫刻した巨大な本物のカボチャを獲得して帰りました.

トリック オア トリート !

We held our traditional Kid's Halloween Party on Sunday 29th. Starting right after lunch, the party was such a successful event; amazing for students, parents and teachers. What a wonderful festivity!

Creativity and authentic inspiration made all of our lovely students draw and color on their handmade Trick or Treat bags to finally create impressive recipients that would soon be full of delectable treats.

"Witch ! Black cat ! Jack-o-lantern !" were screamed with laughter when teachers were showing Halloween pictures on the giant Bingo Game ! The winners ended up with prizes including cute monster art crafts with painting gears to personalize it and of course bags of delicious candies !

You should have seen the the results of the "Pin the face on the Jack-o-lantern" game !

Blind folded, the students had to pin noses, ears, eyes and other body parts on the wall to finally create the funniest Jack-o-lantern ever seen with upside down eyebrows and forehead mustaches...

Singing some of our favorite Halloween songs like "Can you make a Happy face?" and dancing while turning around cushions, all of us had so much fun on the exhilarating Musical Cushion game. With strong competition spirit and impressive skills the finalists showed off proudly with fine Halloween delicacies won.

Because we love singing and the kids too, we had a singing and dancing break with all the new song learned in November. What a joyful musical interlude !

Finally we organised a costume contest where students and educators were dressed like their best loved characters including Ranie Sensei as Fiona, Ami Sensei as Bulma, Yashpal Sensei as a Minion and Axel Sensei as Son Goku. With extremely well made costumes by themselves, Chiori Chan and Hikari Chan were together second co winners. The Champion of the day, Hayato the pirate, came home with a gigantic real pumpkin gently carved during the event by every single child thanks to his fantastic pirate costume and behavior.

An beautiful afternoon at Bower's...Trick or treat !



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