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メッタバーバナ・Metta Bhavana







We started a "metta bhavana" (loving kindness) meditation course at the Haibara School. During the loving kindness meditation you can quietly observe the mind while chanting the short words of meditation preached by Shakyamuni Buddha.

The deeper you dig in yourself, the bigger your emotions become, and the more you think about the negative emotions of worries, anger, and sadness, the bigger become. Even though you can blame the situation, in the end, you may get stuck in negative emotions that become more and more painful.

However, if you stop expecting other people to feel the same as you, and you decide your own happiness, your worries will be resolved in an instant. Every day, every moment immediately becomes a thing of the past. You should always try and start the day with a new feeling, and if negative emotions come out, imagine you are just watching them flow on a conveyor belt.

All living things should treat other as friends, and treat the people they meet with all their mercy. Compassion here is used to acknowledge and accept the other person. By doing so, Shakyamuni Buddha thought that everyone would be able to feel peace and happiness in their own heart.

The time of metta bhavana is a great time to quietly observe your mind and organize your emotions. We hold a practice of metta bhavana on the 3rd Saturday of every month. Come and join us!





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