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千葉山のハイキング・Hiking on Mt Chiba


運動には身体だけではなく、精神の健康に素晴らしい利点があるそうです。うちの英語教師 、ヨガ教師、ヒーリング教師は、9 月 24 日に集まって、スポーツと友情が混ざり合って究極の体験をしました。


いくつかの精神哲学書によると、巨大な神聖な木は無限のエネルギーを保持しています。この特定の地域の森には、壮大な隠れた寺院を囲むように、12 以上の森があります。

木を抱きしめたことがありますか?ある人にとっては喜びに満ちた笑い声、他の人にとっては超越的なスピリチュアルな経験をします。 木を抱きしめることは、自然に微笑む素晴らしい方法であるようです。木を抱いたことない方、お気軽にご連絡ください。次回の旅行の際にはぜひご参加ください。


ついに夜が来て、月が輝く黄金色の光で道路を照らしたとき、Bowers チームは感謝、エネルギー、陽気さでいっぱいになって、海岸に戻りました。すべての生徒のために、教えるという私たちのそれぞれの情熱に戻る準備ができています。

As exercise has incredible benefits for physical and mental health, the Bowers Team, including Languages (English, European languages, Japanese), Yoga and Healing Teachers, met on September 24th for an incredible journey where sport and friendship were mixing to create the ultimate "Happiness Cocktail".

Because exercise itself is great but not enough for such a bench of jovial people, we decided to add a bit of spirituality and scenery to that very special day by heading to Chiba mountain for a hike to its temples and summit.

According to some beautiful texts, gigantic sacred trees are holding infinite energies. The forest in this specific area has more than a dozen of them, surrounding the magnificent hidden temples. Have you ever hugged trees ? Joyful laughter for some, transcendent spiritual experience for others: hugging tree is apparently a great way to smile to nature, so we did a lot...

Well, if you haven't feel free to contact us and join next time we organize a trip there !

Tea-time provided by some of the braver, carrying dainties and sublime worldwide food selections, gave back strength to our exhausted legs to keep on trekking facing amazing epic scenery such as cliffs and emerald green horizons.

When the night finally came and the moon illuminated the roads with some of those rear radiant golden lights, the our team made its way back to the coast, full of gratitude, energy, and cheerfulness. Ready to go back to our respective passion for the good of all our students: Teaching.





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