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川を渡ろう・Let's cross the river!






Summer’s almost here! A time for new and fresh beginnings. Since it gets quite a bit hot here in Japan, many families usually enjoy playing and swimming in the river. That is why, we have decided to bring the river to Minori while learning English!

Minori kids are learning how to count from 1 to 10, from 1 to 20, and the alphabet, so our English teachers brought picture cards to act as stepping stones. The teachers then placed the number and alphabet cards on the blue sheet that acted as a river. The class was then split into two teams and one student from each team had to race in front of the “river” and step on the cards. The students had to read what letter or number was on the card for them to be able to take it, cross the river, and put it inside the bucket. The next students had to follow suit until every student has had their turn. The students along with the teachers counted how many cards were inside their buckets and in that way they also get to practice counting.

After all the running, everyone cooled down with a little bit of Animal Yoga. Each team gets to pick one card and after the teachers show them how to do the poses, the students follow.

The kids had a lot of and wanted to play more of Let’s Cross The River. They cannot wait for the next Minori Outdoor Step Up Activity!





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