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11月のサタデースクール・Saturday School November

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バワーズ・イングリッシュ・スクールのサタデー スクールは、最高に楽しい 2 時間を過ごして、いつまでも忘れられないイベントです。



- キッズヨガ

- 創作活動(アート、料理など)

- 歌と振り付け

- ゲームと遊び心のあるアクティビティ


バワーズ英会話教室のアミ先生とアックセル先生が作った白いモンスターのステータス塑像をみんなで塗りました。しかも、三原色だけ使いました!他の色はヒントを聞いて、みんなで作りました(緑 = 青 + 黄色; など)。


Saturday School at Bowers English School is always a magical way of spending the greatest two hours of the day joining a unforgettable event that everyone always remembers for long !

The concept is simple: a multi-activity morning that emulates creativity and well-being thru English learning and fun !

What did the Bowers English teachers prepare for this event?

- Kids Yoga

- Creative activity (Art, Cooking, etc...)

- Songs and choreographies

- Games and playful activities

Our renown Indian Yogi, Yashpal Sensei, exceptionally taught a very special basic yoga class including postures such as the Lion, the Snake, or the Bridge which all had to say loud in order to learn the words at the same time !

A few white monster status and sculptures made by the Bowers English teachers had to be painted using inspirational tips and tricks told by the best magicians ever: Ami Sensei and Axel Sensei using only primary colors (Orange=Yellow+Red; Purple=Blue+red; Green= Blue+Yellow; etc...)

By the end of the day, each Saturday School member went back home with lovely painted souvenir and usual, great memories.

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