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12月のサタデースクール・Saturday School December





We held a Saturday School on Saturday, December 16th.

This month's Saturday School started with Kids Yoga! After drawing the card and saying the names of the animals on the card, we all did the yoga pose. After the yoga, it was time to craft. This month's craft theme was "Let's decorate the Christmas wreath !!". Our students and English teachers drew a Christmas character or our names on a piece of paper cut out in the shape of a ribbon or bell. We then drew and decorated the wreath. Through this activity, we practiced colors, shapes, names of Christmas characters, and wrote names while learning the alphabet. The finished wreaths were very cute ♪

After crafting, we practiced more Christmas-related name words and phrases by singing Christmas songs and playing games. We had a lot of fun and time flew by, and before we knew it also this month's Saturday school was over. Thank you everyone for such a wonderful time!



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