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7月のサタデースクール・Saturday School July

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7月のクラフトのテーマはPirates Treasure Hunt(海賊の宝さがしゲーム)!!海賊になって宝の在り処を示す地図を手に入れるために、まず海賊になろう!!ということで、海賊ハット作りから開始!!自分の好きなように帽子を飾りつけしたり色を塗ったりしました。作りながら、色や形、物の名前や動作を学びました!帽子ができたら、剣と眼帯を身に着け海賊の仲間入り♪いろいろなヒントやゲームを通して最終的に宝を見つけることができました!!!!!よく頑張りました!!!!!

Bowers English School held the Saturday School on the 3rd week of July ♪

First of all, let's start with kids yoga! !!

It was a fun time to say the names of the poses in English, listen carefully to the teacher's explanation, and to try the same pose together! And warming up with yoga is perfect ☆

The theme of the craft in July was Pirates Treasure Hunt! To become a pirate, you need a treasure map, but first you need a pirates hat! So, we started by making pirate hats! We decorated and painted hats. While making them, we learned colors, shapes, and new words! Once you have a hat, wear a sword and an eyepatch to join the ranks of pirates ♪ We finally found the treasure through various tips and games!

Good job everyone!

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