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Friendship Day!友達の日




July 30th was the international friendship day! Many countries celebrate this day and we thought it would be nice if our students made a “Friendship Quilt” to celebrate the important friends in their lives, maybe even the friends they made coming to English class!

We prepared a lot of stickers, hand-made flowers, and felt hearts so that the students could use their inspiration to make fantastic patches… and that is what they did! Everyone thought of one or more special friends and drew them, and used the decorations to make their contribution a wonderful patch.

Once all our students made their patch, we glued them all together to make a colourful and special quilt dedicated to all our friends! And this is the result… a wonderful collective art piece! We hanged it in the entrance at the school so that all our guests can admire it. We would not be surprised if some art gallery contacted us to exhibit it amongst other artworks!



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