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Bestie’s Day Out: Friendship Week


Happy Friends Week! Bowers English School celebrates this year’s Friendship Week on dates August 22nd to 26th . Students are encouraged to bring their friends to Bowers school to have fun, learn, and experience Bowers English School education. We prepared many fun and learning-filled activities for students and their besties to enjoy their day at school. Below are some of the highlights of the said event:

The kids had fun learning about animals with Animal Bingo. They also had so much fun gaining an understanding of their favorites in English words with Circle Game. They enjoyed the prizes they received in the games.

The students and their friends also filled this beautiful Friendship Tree with leaves and on them are some simple English sentences or word of affirmation that describes them.

We have captured their insta-fun English moments with our insta-frienship frame.

Until next year or sooner! See you our students and besties.





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