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Christmas Party 2024

Thanks to everyone who could come to the Bowers Christmas party!  Despite the cold, suprisingly we had a full house!  Im glad everyone could make it! 

As students arived, they ate lunch together.  Sandwiches, snacks, cakes, and juice; it all looked so good!  As the children ate, others decorated the ginger bread house! The children were very creative!

When everyone was finished, we moved on to some games!  First the children played Stack the Presents, to see how high they could pile up some boxes!  The students managed to stack the presents so high we ran out! Amazing! 

Then we played Bingo!  It was a close game, but the winners were able to take home the grand prize gingerbread houses everyone worked hard together to make!  Though luckily, everyone was able to take home a prize!

Finally, the students exchanged presents in the gift exchange.  The students switched presents randomly, and took home a gift!  Lots of the students' gifts were so creative and interesting! 

Thank you everyone who came to the Bowers Christmas Party!

Lets look forward to the New Year!





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