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Christmas Tree Craft 🎄

A few weeks have passed since the winter holidays. So, let’s take a look at what happened before the break.

During special holidays, our school makes sure that learners also enjoy English lessons through simple crafts. And this year, we decided to recycle old tissue tube rolls with small gifts inside it.

First, the learners wrote a message on a strip of paper that said “I wish you ________.” Then they decorated a piece of origami paper and wrote “Merry Christmas” on it.

After sticking it to the tube rolls, they put some candies inside it along with their messages.

When the class finished, they stacked the gifts that they made to make a small and colorful Christmas tree. The learners were thinking really hard where to put their crafts!

After the winter vacation was over, they were able to randomly get the gifts from the Christmas tree they stacked and read the messages.

We hope that the kids had fun with our Christmas craft. We’re looking forward to more crafts this 2024!




Christmas Party 2024


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