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Halloween Party

On Sunday 19th October we had the Children’s Halloween Party at the Haibara School!

More than thirty students came wearing awesome costumes, and we all had a lot of fun. Obviously, also the teachers were dressed up! Ranie sensei was wearing the Queen of Hearts costume, Eriko sensei was dressed like a devil and I was Cindarella. Our friend Reika san came to help us with the party, and she was a witch.

[Picture of us]

The party started at 10am, and went on for a couple of hours.

First of all, we made trick or treat bags. We had prepared beforehand trick or treat paper pockets, so that the children could decorate them with stickers and drawings. Everybody used their imagination to create wonderful trick or treat bags!

After making the bags, we carved the pumpkin! Even in Japan I am sure most of the people know Jack-o’-lantern, which is the most iconic symbol of Halloween. Under the supervision of Ranie sensei and Eriko sensei, the children got to carve a big pumpkin.

[picture of the pumpkin]

We then played Halloween bingo, and everybody won ghost-shaped candyfloss or Halloween candy bags.

After that we moved to the next room and played rock paper scissor pencil game. We gave a Halloween pencil to each child and paired them up. This game is like the traditional rock paper scissors, but the winner get the loser’s pencil. Then the winners are paired up again, until there are only a few winners (with a lot of pencils!).

We also played the musical cushions game, in which there are some cushions on the floor and everybody walks around them when the music is playing. As soon as the music stops, everybody tries to sit on a cushion and who is left out is out of the game. This game is very funny and easy to play, so both small and older children could enjoy it.

There was also a costume contest. This year it was very difficult to decide who would be the winner, because everybody put a lot of effort in making their outfits, and everybody looked great! Because we couldn’t come up with a winner, we decided to choose the winner based on audience popularity, and we asked everybody to clap for their favourite costume. The first prize went to Ko chan, who was dressed as Mike Broflovski from Monsters Inc., and the second prize went to Mizuho chan who was wearing a home-made black cat outfit.

Finally, all the kids did the traditional “Trick or Treat!”. The teachers hide behind the doors and the children came around knocking and saying “trick or treat” to receive candies and sweets using the paper bags they made at the beginning of the party.

Halloween is not a traditional Japanese holiday, but I think being able to experience foreign culture through games and fun activities is very positive for children. It was a very beautiful morning and all the kids who came to the party enjoyed and left with a smile on their faces (and a lot of candies in their pockets!).

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