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5月のサタデースクール・Saturday School May






歌の後は、クラフトの時間!!来月の父の日に向けて、「ネクタイ付き父の日カードづくり」をしました!!カードを作りながら色を学んだり、様々な形を学んだりしました!!カードには、お父さんの顔を描いたり、「I love you, Dad.」と書いてみたり、👔ネクタイも飾りつけして個性あふれるものとなりました!!参加してくれた生徒さんたち、みんな上手にできました!!

クラフトの後は、今月のテーマ「Food」についてのレッスン!!絵本を読み聞かせたり、「What do you want for breakfast? (lunch, dinner)朝食(昼食、夕食)に何がほしい?」「I want……..(・・・がほしい)」というフレーズをゲームを通して学んでいきました!みんな上手に言うことができました!!



On Saturday, May 20th, we held the Saturday School!

This is a class where all 2 hours from 9:30 am to 11:30 am are conducted in English.

Let's start with yoga! The teacher showed cards of animals, plants, objects, and shapes, and the students drew them. Then, we all did the pose of the drawn card. We did a number of poses and warmed up!

After warming up with yoga, we all sang a song! We sang along with the music while doing the related actions. After the song, it was time to craft! We made a Father's Day card with tie for Father's Day, while learning colors and shapes! On the card, everyone drew their dad's face, and wrote "I love you, Dad". We decorated the tie to make it unique, and indeed all students made a great job!

After crafting, we had a lesson on this month's theme: "Food"! !! We read aloud a picture book, and played a game with the phrases "What do you want for breakfast (Lunch, dinner)? "I want …… .." This fun two-hour class was over in no time!

We're looking forward to the next Saturday School in June!



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