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Jack-O-Lantern Sack Race





Spooky season is almost here — Halloween! It’s one of the times where kids can use their imagination and be creative (especially with their costumes!). Because Halloween is filled with lots of characters, it is also a time where kids get scared, excited, happy, etc. So, for this month, we had a Halloween themed outdoor activity for the kids while learning and recognizing different emotions in English.

Each class was divided into two teams and one student from each team got in the potato sack and jumped to the bucket. They took one card from the bucket and showed to the class how each emotion is said. They also made faces to match the cards they were holding.

After the Jack-O-Lantern race, the students also did a Halloween themed yoga! We had poses like spider, jack-o-lantern, ghost, black cat, and other Halloween related characters.

In some parts of the world, kids can go around their neighborhood, knock on their doors, say “trick or treat”, and receive candies. So, we taught the kids how to say “trick or treat” and gave them jack-o-lantern stickers instead of candies to show them they did a very great job! The kids were filled with joy and laughter even after they went back to their classrooms.

We hope that you will also have a spooky yet fun Halloween activities with your kids!





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