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Kids' Christmas 2019

This year Christmas party was celebrated on December 8th with many young friends, The party started with a Christmas toast and then everyone enjoyed Christmas cakes, snacks and drinks. Our young friends showed much excitement as they decorated a gingerbread house with some delicious gumdrops, jellies, and marshmallows. It turned into a really beautiful ginger-bread house.

With our friends full, we started the games.Rock paper scissors pencil game was lots of fun some left with many Xmas pencils. them won many pencils. The next game was more of a challenge …… a card slam game, our little friends were divided into four teams and every team tried their best to get maximum cards and win prizes.

Time for the Xmas bingo !! All the Christmas characters and objects were called out and this year one of our youngest friends won a gingerbread house as a bingo prize, There were prizes for all our friendsand the game continued with much excitement. Time flew by and it was time for the Xmas present exchange ! We started the Christmas music and presents were passed around the circle. Everyone was filled with anticipation until finally the music stopped. All the boys and girls opened their presents. So much gratitude and joy as we ended the party with song and dance to We Wish You a Merry Xmas..Thanks to everyone for this memorable party

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