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子供のクリスマスパーティー2014年・Kids' Christmas Party 2014


14 日に、子供クリスマス パーティーを開催しました。今回は40名以上のゲストが予約しましたので、コミュニティセンターで行いました。


まず、クリスマストーストをしてから、ケーキ、サンドイッチ、その他のクリスマスのおやつを食べました。みんなが食べている間、子供たちは二人ずつジンジャーブレッドハウスを飾りました。以前にジンジャーブレッド ハウスを用意し、子供たちがキャンディー、チョコレート、ロリポップを飾って、綺麗になりました!


それから、クリスマスカードを使ってカードスラムをしました。子供が多かったので、幼稚園児と小学生に分けました。その後、各グループは 2 つのチームに分かれ、優勝チームのメンバーには特別なクリスマス チョコレート ロリポップが獲得しました。


それに、みんな準備したプレゼントを交換しました。最後に「オー・クリスマス・ツリー」と「メリー・クリスマス」を歌いました。子供たちは 2 週間前からこのクリスマス キャロルを習っていたので、みんなが歌ってダンスして、とても上手にできました。


On Sunday 14th we held the Children Christmas Party. This time we were expecting more than 40 guests, so we didn’t hold the party at the school as we did for Halloween but we all went to the Community Centre.

It was a great party!

First of all, we did the Christmas toast, and then we had cake, sandwiches and other Christmas treats. While everybody was eating, the children got to decorate the gingerbread house. We had prepared a gingerbread house before, and the children adorned it with candies, chocolates and lollipops. It turned out beautiful!

When everybody was finished eating and decorating the gingerbread house, we played some games. First we played rock paper scissors pencils, which is like rock paper scissors but the winner gets the pencil of the opponent.

We then played card slam with the Christmas cards we teachers had made in the previous weeks. As there were a lot of children, we divided them between kindergarten and elementary school children. Each group was then split in two teams, and the members of the winning team got a special Christmas chocolate lollipop!

After that we played bingo. The first prize was the gingerbread house so everybody was keen to win it! This year, Shino chan won the first prize, but there were other presents so everybody went home with something!

Each child had brought a present, so before finishing the party everybody exchanged them.

Finally we sang “Oh Christmas tree” and “We wish you a merry Christmas”. All the children had been learning these two Christmas carols in the weeks before so everybody did a great job singing and dancing!

Thanks to the many students who came, this year’s Christmas party was very lively and fun! I have to admit that for us teachers it was also very busy, but it was totally worth it!





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