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スカベンジャーハント・Scavenger Hunt!



各クラスは二つのグループにわかれて、二人の先生がついていきました。先生がヒントを読んで、子供たちがなぞなぞを解いて、次の箱を探しにいきました。箱を見つけたら、英語で「We found it!」(見つけた!)と言って、次のなぞなぞを解いて、ゲームを続きました。最後のに、イースターシールが入っていた大きい箱がありました。




It was a bright and sunny day at Minori Kindergarten last April 21, 2021. Kids are very curious, full of energy and love to run around, so what a perfect day to bring the lessons outside the classrooms, to play Scavenger Hunt, and practice a little bit of Animal Yoga! The goal of our English teachers was not only to teach the children numbers, letters, animals, colors, and so forth, but also to make sure that they have a lot of fun learning English.

Each class was divided into two groups, and each group had two English teachers with them to help them with the hunt. The teacher read the first clue, and the children went looking for the box by following the instructions. Once they found the box and said “We found it!”, they had to answer the question inside before they got the next clue. After getting through all the hidden boxes, one big treasure box filled with cute Easter stickers was waiting for them.

The children learned new vocabularies by guessing clues. For instance, when they heard “It’s RED and BLACK. Where is it?” they went looking in the lady bug tunnel, or when told “Swing like an elephant” they looked for a box nearby the swings. They also learned questions and other words by asking “How many bunnies are there inside the box?”, “What color are the stars?”, “Do you like flowers?” and many more.

After playing Scavenger Hunt, we had a little bit of fun relaxation by doing Animal Yoga. Students picked an animal card and did the animals-inspired poses together with the teachers. This exercise helps the children to enhance their knowledge of the natural world and develop their concentration and breathing.

Learning English doesn’t have to be difficult and exhausting. Parents and teachers can help the kids learn by doing fun activities every now and then.





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