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ABCゲーム・ABC Games!







Today we held an outdoor activity morning at Minori Kindergarten. As we’re still in the middle of the rainy season, we were worried it would rain (as it often happens these days!) but despite the dark clouds above us the weather remained stable.

Today we played different games with letters, uppercase for the younger kids and upper and lowercase for the older ones. First, we played with the kindergarten 2 classes. After our usual greeting, we sat in a big circle. We introduced the ABC block letters game, in which we used foam blocks. We gave the children a letter each, and then we called the letters one by one. By hearing the letter and looking at the shapes, children would run to the centre of the circle and insert their letter into the frame. All children were so fast in recognising the letters and rushing to put them into their frames! Then we played the “ABC hunt” game, in which we scattered the foam blocks around, and then extracted letters from our special box. Children run around looking for different letters, and whoever found it score a point for their team.

We then played with our kindergarten 3 friends. We started with our greeting, and then played the “ABC Pairs” game. Each one of the children was given a letter (uppercase or lowercase) and then we did a bit of movement, running around the cone circle. When the teacher said “Stop!” everybody rushed to a cone and sat there. We prepared two buckets in the middle of the circle, and then we called the letters one by one. The two children holding the uppercase and lowercase letters raced to the centre of the circle and put their letter in the uppercase/lowercase bucket to score a point. We then played the “ABC hunt” game, but with a bit of extra movement! The teacher called the action (run! swim! jump!), and the children run around the pilons circle doing that action until the teacher said “Stop! Find… A!”, so that all the children would step into the circle and look for the letter. Then we’d go again with a different action and a different letter.

This month we had a lot of fun playing with English games outside! We’re looking forward to the end of the rainy season so that we can enjoy the beautiful summer in Shizuoka, and maybe also take a dip in the sea!





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