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Christmas Party Adults 2014

On Saturday 6th December, the Bowers English School held the traditional annual Christmas Party. This year we celebrated at Mahorba, a delicious Thai restaurant in Shizunami on the 150 route.

It was the first Christmas party without Hiroko sensei, and I think everybody missed her because she was the queen of Bowers parties, and she livened up the room with her loud voice and unique laugh.

First of all, let’s talk about the most important part of every party: food. In this case, it was delicious! We had green curry, samosas, bread with hummus, Pahd Thai, spring rolls, grilled vegetables and fish skewers, fried chicken and many other South East Asian specialties! At the end they also served some sweets, but I think most of the guests were just too full by then…

It was a very funny party: everybody was eating good food, having a few drinks and meeting new people, but we also played some games as it’s in the Bowers tradition!

Even though Hiroko sensei was not with us this year, we played one of her favourite party games: rock paper scissors with 100yen coins. This version of the game is like the normal rock paper scissors but everybody needs a 100-yen coin to enter the game. Then people pair up and the winner gets the coin of the loser, and pairs up with someone else. The person who wins everything gets to take home all the money! This year the lucky winner of the game was Isao, the son of our student Hiromi.

We then played bingo! The first prize were tickets to use for classes at the school, but obviously everybody won something – bottles of wine, sweets, chocolates…

Before leaving we exchanged the presents. It was a little difficult to coordinate but it was very funny, because there were also extravagant present such as a fishnet! I think everybody was very happy with the present they got, and maybe the person who received the fishnet discovered his passion for fishing!

After Mahorba, many of us went to This is Café, where we had a coffee and a few more drinks.

Even though this year Hiroko sensei was not with us at the party, I think that everybody can still feel her presence, in the school, or at this kind of gatherings that she enjoyed so much. Ranie and us did our best to organise a party that could live up to all previous Bowers parties, and we hope all our guests enjoyed it!

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