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Trick or Treat! Halloween Party 2023

The annual Bowers’ English School Halloween Party was celebrated last October 29th in Makinohara. The students and the teachers wore their scary, cute, funny, and amazing costumes!

We prepared a lot of fun-filled learning activities for the students, which we’re sure they could share with their friends,

What is Halloween when there’s no trick or treating? And what is trick or treating without their trick or treat bags?

So, for the first activity, the students made their own trick or treat bags using paper, crayons, stickers, and their imagination.

The elementary students also had the chance to carve and make their own jack-o-lanterns. It was a lot of fun (and challenging!)

The children also enjoyed playing Pin the Jack-O-Lantern and Halloween Bingo while learning about English words. The Bingo winners were able to bring home the two big jack-o-lanterns that they designed!

We didn’t wear our costumes just for nothing! Just like the previous Halloween parties, we had an awesome Halloween costume contest for the students! We chose four lucky winners who could win big jack-o-lanterns and amazing prizes.

After that, the kids experienced trick-or-treating using the bags that they made and said “Trick or Treat!” as loud as they can. They went home with a lot of sweets and snacks.

It was truly a fun and exciting Halloween party for everyone! We can’t wait for the next one!

See you, our students and besties!





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